Edinburgh High Constables

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Sunday, 28th May
Kirking of the Council
Thursday, 3rd August
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo until 26th August
Sunday, 6th August
The Edinburgh International Festival Service (St Giles)

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 A Film Series taken during the Society's Quatercentenary Year by Bob Bell



Episode 1 - 15 minutes

A potted history of the High Constables

 Captains Meeting

Episode 2 - 1 minute

Meeting of the Committee of Captains

 Mods Reception

Episode 3 - 2 minutes

Moderator's Reception in the Playfair Library


Episode 4 - 5 minutes

Autumn Inspection

 Annual Dinner

Episode 5 - 30 minutes

Annual Dinner


Episode 6 - 9 minutes



Episode 7 - 15 minutes

Lord Provost's Charity Banquet


Episode 8 - 11 minutes

Moderator's Party at the Merchants' Hall